Ghibli Reptile Skin Travel Trolley | Gold Beige Wheeled Suitcase Bag

Posted on: Dec 29

Ghibli Reptile Leather TrolleyWhen I set off for my seasonal holidays, I rely on the same beat-up old suitcase I've been using since my teenage years. I'm yearning for an upgrade, and if I got my way I'd replace by canvas luggage with this ultra luxe Ghibli travel trolley.

I thought leather suitcases were opulent, but this one takes things to the next level with its exotic reptilian skin. Strangely Ghibli is keeping mum about the skin's origins, preferring instead to simply call it "reptile." This is a really unusual step by the brand. Its $2460 price tag means it's uncertain whether this is embossed leather or some kind of real reptile. It's certainly not lizard, but without seeing it up close and personal I'm left guessing.

At any rate, the mottled beige and gold hues in the scales are lovely, and they're only made more appealing with the addition of tan leather trim. This suitcase is sure to stand out on any baggage carousel, but it's more important that it works for you on your vacation. The good news about this trolley is that it probably will.

The zippered pockets we see outside are matched by the generously sized interior. It has another zippered pocket in the lid, and straps for holding down your clothes and other travel essentials.

Whatever it's made from, I wouldn't trust airport baggage handlers with it. Exotic skins are notoriously fragile, and cowhide isn't much better if it's punished. But if you're taking a road trip or looking for an enviable piece of carry-on luggage this could be your bag. At least that is if you've got a few thousand to spare!

More Features of This Ghibli Exotic Travel Trolley

  • Gold-toned hardware
  • Beige fabric lining
  • A push button retractable handle
  • Two leather handles
  • Measures 12.6 x 18.9 x 7.09 inches
  • Made in Italy

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