Furla Oxana Clutch | Monochrome Leather Stripe Purse

Posted on: Apr 2

Clutch purses often come out after dark, but if you find the right one it can take you from day to night. If versatility's what you’re after, allow me to introduce you to the Oxana.

The secret is that soft slouchy leather, which gives the Oxana a more relaxed feel than a more structured box clutch. The fabric's also not as tizzy as popular brocade or sequined finishes. There's a time for these glitzy materials, but that tends to only be once the sun goes down. The Oxana might not be quite as flashy, but there's a quiet sophistication about its leather finish. Its classic black, gray, and white wide stripes give it a chic look that's a little conservative without being boring.

The Oxana doesn't just have the looks to take you from day to night; it's also got the size to match. A large zippered pocket and a cell phone slip are there to keep the essentials in order, while the zip top closure will keep everything safely inside.

While you'll never have to leave anything behind, it does make me long for a removable shoulder strap. I wouldn't mind carrying the Oxana by hand if I was traveling light, but it's bound to get heavy when packed to capacity.

More Features of This Furla Oxana Purse

  • Measures 7.5 x 12.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Retails $335.00

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