Furla Nausicaa Shopper Bag | Extra Small Retro Purple Croco Leather Purse

Posted on: Oct 10

The Nausicaa shows a shopper doesn't have to carry your every purchase. Instead, this extra small Furla bag gives you a place for stashing your cash and credit cards.

In a world of oversized shopping bags, this one's dimensions are closer to a petite clutch. The tiny space is lined with suede and black canvas. There are no pouches or pockets, but such a small space doesn't really need them. If you can't keep everything organized in here, you've got problems!

The Nausicaa may be a petite purse, but it's got plenty of style. The genuine leather body is stamped with a fun, if not altogether convincing, crocodile print. The sexy purple finish is complemented by silver-toned hardware. While there's a key for the retro key-lock closure, you don't really need it. It actually opens when the buttons on the front are pressed, which is much more convenient!

It might not seem practical at first glance, but I'm warming to the Nausiccaa. I've spent many embarrassing moments fumbling for a lost purse at the bottom of my bag, or scrounging for my car keys. By keeping the essentials close, this Furla shopper could make your next day at the mall a little less stressful.

More Features of This Furla Extra Small Shopper

  • An 8-inch flat-coated handle with a 2.5 inch drop
  • A detachable 62-inch shoulder strap
  • Measures 6 x 4.5 x 3 inches
  • Made in Italy

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