Fun Tabitha Helping Handbag Benefits Bulgarian Orphan Charity

Posted on: Jan 5

Many handbag designers pay lip service to charity work, but when you read the fine print you see only a small percentage of the profits go where they're needed. Not so with this gorgeous Tabitha bag; the very first Helping Handbag!

100% of the proceeds from this purse's sales will benefit The Campaign for Bulgaria's Abandoned Children. The charity helps to support and re-home Bulgaria's orphaned and abandoned youth. Their latest initiative is the Baba: Give a Granny program, a scheme which trains local women to become primary caregivers to these needy children.

The cause is important to support, but let's not forget the stylish handbag that comes with it. It was designed by one of the creative minds of popular accessories brand Jigsaw, so it's no wonder it looks so good! The altruistic leather bags are currently available in tan and aubergine. Order yours online for £150 plus postage and handling.

[Source: Grazia]
[Image Source: Helping Handbags]

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