Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Turnlock Cross-Body Bag | Classic Tan Leather Handbag

Posted on: Jul 30

Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Cross-Body BagI've always found Fossil's contemporary collections a bit hit and miss, so I'm thrilled that it's gone back into the vault and reinvented many of its classic designs with its Vintage Re-Issue range. Bags like this Turnlock Cross-Body are the reason why I'm so enamored with this line.

Turnlock closures have come back into favor in recent years, so this cross-body appears vintage and modern all at the same time. This purse's simplicity helps root it in the past though. It comes from a time when we didn't need too many details to distract us. All it took was a good quality leather in a simple color, some elegant piping, and a few sexy curves.

This cross-body harkens back to a time when bags had a job to do, and this one does it well. It's probably on the small side for modern misses, but I think it's big enough to handle everything you really need. The long cross-body strap has a canvas underside which will make it feel even more comfortable on your shoulder.

Considering its petite stature the number of pockets makes us feel really pampered. A zip pocket and pair of open slips is standard for a large day bag, but virtually unheard of in something this small. And there's even another open pocket hidden underneath the flap!

This Fossil Vintage Re-Issue Turnlock Cross-Body screams modern classic. Not bad for a purse costing just $128!

More Features of This Fossil Leather Cross-Body Bag

  • Gray cotton lined interior
  • A single strap with a 22 inch drop
  • Measures 4 x 9.2 x 6.2 inches

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