Fossil Ari Patchwork Hobo | Bright Tribal Patterned Tote

Posted on: Jun 21

Be warned - don't look directly at this hobo as you may well go blind!

OK, OK, so maybe I am being a little unfair. After all, I have certainly seen brighter colored bags, and ones with bigger, badder and generally worse combinations of prints. However, it is pretty much undeniable that this is one bright and LOUD tote, a fact that not even Fossil themselves would try to deny!

The question is, I suppose, does the look work? Whilst my staid and traditional side is willing me to scream "Nooooo!!!", a little creative bit of me actually thinks the prints work. Teamed with an appropriate outfit, this bag would seem tribal, interesting and perhaps rather fashionable, but this wouldn't happen if it was teamed with the wrong clothes!

The hobo shape and beaded accessories keep making me want to love the Ari tote ... but I'm not really sure if I can.

More Features of this Patchwork Ari Hobo

  • Canvas fabric exterior
  • Multiple interior pockets
  • Beaded tassel accessory
  • 9 inch drop handles

Get this Tribal Fossil Tote:

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