Forzieri Capaf Cherry Red Wicker & Leather Tote | Unusual Spotted Lining Drawstring Purse

Posted on: Apr 29

Forzieri Capaf Wicker ToteForzieri offers an unusual take on the classic wicker basket with this Capaf Wicker & Leather tote.

I'm frankly not sure what to make of this bag. I admire Forzieri's daring, but I'm not sure its risks have paid off here. The wicker has an open weave which allows the whimsical spotted lining to peek through. The cherry red wicker is complemented by red leather handles. I'm not sure these are the best match for the bag, but they'll be much more forgiving on your shoulder than more wicker would be.

A drawstring closure helps keep your items safely inside this tote. Open it up to reveal a surprisingly well appointed main compartment, with a zippered pouch and another small pocket for a cell phone. I expected something much simpler from a bag which takes its cues from a wicker basket, so I'm impressed by these organizational aids.

It's a little too quirky for my taste but if you've fallen for this original Forzieri creation you'll be happy to note it costs just $254.

More Features of This Forzieri Wicker Tote

  • White spotted canvas lining
  • Measures 11.42 x 9.06 x 4.33 inches
  • Made in Italy

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