Foley + Corinna Bitty Biker Bag | Mini Blue Snake Leather Bucket Purse

Posted on: Aug 29

Foley + Corinna Bitty Biker BagI've often accused Foley + Corinna of resting on its laurels. Many of its handbags seem interchangeable, so I was thrilled to see the label branching out with this Bitty Biker Bag.

This very cute moniker very aptly describes what we get here. This is an itty bitty bag with a healthy dose of biker edge. And I appreciate that Foley + Corinna hasn't relied on clichés on achieve that rebellious attitude. The Bitty Biker's body is blissfully bare of studs and other heavy metal, yet it still oozes cool. Instead zippered pockets run vertically down the voluminous leather, and there's a liberal smattering of silver rings around the drawstring. Frankly these rings remind me of the ones that hold a shower curtain in place when viewed from above. Thankfully we lose that illusion when it's viewed front on!

Foley + Corinna offers us a range of colors and finishes, but I've been bowled over by the blue snake. It's so deep that it almost looks like black, which of course makes it very versatile. That scaly snake finish makes this Bitty Biker look much richer than its $345 price tag suggests. That's still a lot of money to spend on a small bag, but this one has enough charm to tempt.

More Features of This Foley + Corinna Small Bucket Bag

  • Twill lining
  • Dual handles with an 11.5 inch drop
  • Measures 7 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Made in China

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