Tylie Malibu Gypsy Samantha Bucket Bag | Distressed Hunter Green Leather Boho Handbag

Posted on: Mar 15

Tylie Malibu Gypsy Samantha Bucket BagTylie Malibu channels boho style with this relaxed Gypsy Samantha bucket bag.

There's a place for a casual approach to design, particularly when creating an everyday accessory, but I worry that Tylie Malibu has been too relaxed here. In fact, it seems like the label was barely trying. Tylie Malibu gathers up the leather in a fairly haphazard way. Some girls may appreciate the way it all seems to come together with such little effort, but I think it's a bit messy.

Not that the Gypsy Samantha is without its charms. That distressed leather is really lovely, especially in this deep hunter green shade. I'm also a fan of those chiseled studs, which are that bit more interesting than the metal accents we typically see.

But I really can't imagine making the Gypsy Samantha my everyday handbag. If that slovenly shape didn't put me off completely, the drawstring would. It's perfect for a bag with such boho styling, but not for a girl who wants to access her items with a minimum of fuss. We'll have plenty of space for everything we want to carry, but good luck finding anything in that unstructured interior.

At $598 the Gypsy Samantha isn't exorbitant, particularly for a bag made from such superior leather, but it also costs more than I'd want to pay.

More Features of This Tylie Malibu Leather Bucket Bag

  • Microfiber lined interior
  • A single shoulder strap with a 9.5 inch drop
  • Measures 14 x 12 x 8.5 inches
  • Made in the United States

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