Fly London Ella Satchel | Yellow Pocketed Shoulder Bag

Posted on: Feb 3

I am in love with yellow at the moment: vintage mustard shades, spring daffodil tones, and bright neon tints. To find a lovely yellow in a bag as individual and unusual as this is just brilliant!

The shape of this leather satchel is quite unusual; twice the height that you would expect from a normal bag and thinner too. I actually like this design, however; it makes things easy to organize and makes it more comfortable to carry as well. The two front mounted pockets work really well to flatter the handbag shape and contrast against the canary yellow shade.

Those pockets are a real selling point; fashionable yet functional at the same time. The cute toggle and drawstring closure isn't as secure as a zip would be, but does mean the bag looks even cuter and more retro. There is a distinctly vintage 1970s vibe to this piece, which is perhaps why these pockets work so well.

Fly London are never cheap, and many people may feel that $264.95 is just too much to spend on a casual bag. The Ella satchel is real leather, however, and its cute floral lining may win a few people over!

More Features of this Vintage Style Ella Purse

  • Also available in gray, petrol and red
  • Features two spacious front pockets
  • Leather and suede exterior
  • Funky vintage style floral lining

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