Floto Leather Compact Clutch | Classic Unisex Leather Wallet

Posted on: May 18

Floto Leather Compact=There are some things that everyone should own. A wallet is one, whether you are a guy or a gal. Whatever your gender, a leather wallet offers so much to everyone that wants organization in their lives!

Whilst there are plenty of silly and gimmicky purses and wallets out there, it is probably fair to assume that the real "lifers" will be the ones that deliver on performance but which aren't slaves to trends or fashion. A classic design is vital, therefore, especially if you are spending the sort of money that a quality wallet design like this one from Floto demands. They don't come cheap, and this particular traditional example could set you back $144.

Whilst the buttery soft leather is what makes this so expensive (the designers boast that it is dyed with Aniline, the highest quality natural dye available), I doubt whether the interior lives up the demands made by such a price. Three credit card pockets and an ID window just isn't enough; judging by the number of cards normal people have you would expect a lot more than that!

I think too much time has been put into the (admittedly lovely) leather, and not enough into adding function that goes above and beyond.

More Features of this Floto Leather Clutch

  • Also available in black leather
  • Aniline dyed leather body
  • 3 credit card slots
  • ID Window

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