Fendi Charges High Prices for Skin Bag Clutch and Cover

Posted on: May 20

Fendi has found a new way to gouge its customers with the launch of the Skin Bag. The concept is intriguing, but like so many high-end designer accessories its execution is a little off and its price is high.

The skin bag is sold "naked" in either bright yellow or dark brown. Its handle is an intriguing mix of ash wood and plexi with a vintage kiss-lock clasp. While the handle is interesting, the bag itself is pretty boring, which is why Fendi makes you buy a skin cover. The bag won't be sold without one in Fendi stores and other retailers, so you're up for $1620 for the clutch and $615 for its cover.

There are three skins to choose from: a tan mesh with brass chain link trim, a floral printed gray linen, and a plain mustard linen. Initially I thought perhaps you could change the skin to suit your mood, but the spikes which hold the cover in place mean once you choose one, you're locked in. And I can't say any of the covers really ring my bell.

There was great potential to do something innovative here, but instead Fendi just seem to be making a grab for cash with this gimmick.

[Source: The Bag Snob]

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