Felix Rey Sardinia Clutch | Woven Raffia Basket Purse

Posted on: Apr 27

Felix Rey Sardini ClutchFelix Rey ushers in summer with this Sardinia Clutch.

Felix Rey has served up so many whimsical novelties of late that it's strange to spy a purse so traditional from its collection. Personally I think that classic style makes the Sardinia much more wearable than its sisters, although fans of the label may feel it's lacking in personality. It is admittedly reserved, but I think there's a sweet coastal charm to its natural toned woven raffia body. The chunky weave makes it feel quite rustic, but that homespun appeal is balanced nicely by the chocolate leather accents.

The Sardinia is a good mid-sized clutch, so it should suit daytime use and even a casual after five outing. The zippered internal pocket is a convenient touch, but it doesn't make up for the lack of shoulder strap. Any purse meant for everyday use really deserves this little extra, especially when we're paying $140.

That's not exorbitant for a clutch purse, but with so many similar raffia clutches on the market I think Felix Rey will struggle to find buyers. After all, many of those similar clutches cost less, and come equipped with those vital shoulder straps.

More Features of This Felix Rey Woven Raffia Clutch

  • Magnetic snap underneath the buckle
  • Fully lined leopard print interior
  • Measures 7 x 10.5 x 1 inches

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