Felix Rey Happy Diamond Clutch | Cute Silly Mesh & Feather Purse

Posted on: May 17

Felix Rey Happy Diamond ClutchIf you are feeling a little silly, then this fun and flirty purse is made for you.

This isn't a clutch for being sensible. In much the same way, formal black tie events probably won't be the chosen venue. However, for easy-going nights out where you can have a little fun, then Felix Rey has thrown lots of things to cheer you up into the mix. The smiley face alone may do the job: a cute little external coin with some cheeky gem detailing and a whole bunch of character. Then, an added bonus, the main zip is decorated with a puffy feathery creation.

Whilst hot pink feathers can be a little drag queen, I think the Happy Diamond does manage to keep it at least slightly tongue in cheek. Maybe the metal mesh body is helping, and the fact that most of it is in a darker color keeps it somewhat more neutral.

The ridiculous quality of this purse means you are a bit limited as to where you can wear it, but it's still good fun. Whether it is $175 worth of silly fun though, I'm not sure.

More Features of this Felix Rey Mesh Clutch

  • Available in a range of colors
  • Leopard print lining
  • Brass mesh exterior
  • Quirky accessory touches

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