Evans Sparkle Clutch Bag | Budget Black Slouchy Party Purse

Posted on: Dec 20

Evans Sparkle ClutchA great festive party purse needn't put you in a financial hole. If you're feeling skint this Christmas season it's worth indulging in this Sparkle Clutch Bag.

It costs just £18 but its sparkly surface makes it appear a lot richer. The finish is dazzling, but don't let the glitz scare you. Its basic black material actually makes it quite versatile.

The Sparkle's generous dimensions also aid that versatility. We get more space inside than the average evening bag, so if we know how to pack it we could probably use it during the daylight hours. Can't you just imagine how this purse would liven up an ordinary jeans and tee ensemble?

If you are using it during the day I'd make use of the chain strap. It's just your stock standard silver chain, but it'll come in handy when you're on the go.

The Sparkle's not the perfect evening purse. Its polyester material is a bit cheap, and so's the interior lining. The zip also feels a bit flimsy, and the interior is as basic as they come. But the Sparkle looks the part and has the features that count, and for this money that's really all we can ask for.

More Features of This Evans Polyester Clutch

  • Measures 7 x 13 inches

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