Evans Sequin Leopard Bag | Large Loud Inexpensive Synthetic Party Purse

Posted on: Aug 25

There's absolutely nothing subtle about this leopard bag from Evans.

Leopard print rarely fades into the background, but for some reason Evans thought it wasn't loud enough. So the label has covered this handbag is sequins for that extra bit of sparkle. The glitz doesn't stop there, with shiny metal studs and rings near the handles upping the oomph. As if this purse needed the extra pizzazz!

To keep the price down to just £35, Evans had to make a few sacrifices. The finish is a less than glamorous synthetic, and the interior is spacious but basic. Such a large space really calls for plenty of pockets, but you won't find them here.

But something tells me those who love this leopard bag won't care too much. It goes without saying that this isn't a purse for everyone. For most fashionistas, its bedazzling exterior will be too outrageous. But if you've got the right confidence and charisma, carrying this purse is one way to make a big impression!

More Features of This Evans Sequin Bag

  • Silver hardware
  • Fabric lined interior

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