Evans Denim Satchel | Affordable Synthetic Trimmed Blue Purse

Posted on: Aug 27

Evans Denim SatchelDenim has to be one of my favorite affordable accessory materials. Synthetic often look shiny and cheap, while traditional cottons can appear a bit too casual. However denim manages to be a bit more versatile, seeming relaxed yet luxurious at the same time, so I was thrilled to see it starring on this Evans satchel.

Ordinarily I prefer my denims a bit darker, but the ombre effect we see here has intrigued me. The weathered finish looks relaxed and broken in, yet a bit more interesting than the average. I'm not sure the pale tan synthetic trim is the best match though. This color really seems washed out, and consequently doesn't support the denim as well as it should. A few shades darker and I think Evans would have created a much stronger look.

The design does the job without really pampering us. I wish there was more than a single interior pocket, but it's probably enough to keep this mid-sized space organized. The regular handle probably won't be too easy to use when the bag is full, but the longer strap is certainly up to the task. I wish this was detachable as most long straps are though. This bag is going to look very messy if you're carrying it with the top handle.

This bag really is all about the denim, and Evans delivers that centerpiece well. It's just a shame that the supporting players aren't so inspiring. However for just £22 it's hard to be too critical.

More Features of This Evans Blue Satchel

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Measures 10 x 7 inches

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