Envelope Style Botkier Clutch | Luxury Studded and Zipped Purse

Posted on: Jul 6

From the same range as the beautiful Botkier trigger satchel comes this stunning bright colored tasseled clutch.

The well-known and accessible designer has always known just how to hit all the on-trend buttons without overloading the handbag with keywords. Hence the sexy studded leather trims, and the angled and exposed mini zipped pockets. Add in long color coordinated tassels from each zip, and you have a really successful trend lover!

The central studded band holds together the two concertina sides of this compact yet practical purse. By simply unclipping the fastener, this bag can reach new levels of space. Very stylish, very sensible!

Available in 6 colors, you can stick with the bright bold yellow, or go for a gentler shade of mint or lavender. With so much choice and so much practicality, I do find myself wondering why they don't have more bold primary colors. That aside, however, this is a beautiful if pricey envelope style clutch.

More Features of this Botkier Studded Clutch

  • Detachable studded strap
  • Indoneasian leather
  • Angled zipped pockets

Get this trendy bold purse:

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One Response

  1. Karen Says:

    The Botkier Trigger clutch is on TODAY’s Gilt.com or half price. Silver is sold out; yellow is still available.

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