Emilio Pucci Bean Shaped Hard Clutch | Sleek and Modern Metallic Silver Evening Bag

Posted on: Aug 20

Emilio Pucci's eponymous line is famous for its wild, swirly psychedelic prints and bright, punchy colors. Pucci prints are among the most easily recognizable designer goods, and have been used to frock the fabulous for some fifty years.

Usually, I'm not that into the line's accessories. I love the prints, but the bright bright brights that really stand out on silk always look a little washed out on canvas or leather, which a lot of the bags are made of. This little number, on the other hand, takes a totally new approach to interpreting the Pucci signature pattern. It has a globby, bean shape that looks like part of the usual print, only in ultra-fabulous metallic.

This is not exactly a practical bag. At 6" x 4" x 2", it will barely hold anything besides your keys, and since it has a hard case, there's just no give. But this baby wasn't meant to be practical, and if you need to lug a lot of stuff around, well, it isn't for you. This is a statement bag, if ever I saw one, and the statement it makes is simultaneously retro and, at the same time, fashion forward. Delicious. 

The push clasp opening is so sleek, it's practically invisible, which really grooves with the ultra-modern appeal. It's like a little wearable pod that will make your whole ensemble totally memorable. With a lot of hard-edged nostalgic trends on the horizon, I see big things for this little bean's future.

More Features Of The Emilio Pucci Bean Shaped Hard Clutch

  • Shiny silver interior
  • Also available in gold

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