Elie Tahari Elysha Clutch | Yellow Leather Turnlock Purse

Posted on: May 27

Like so many of us, Elie Tahari seems enamored with turnlock closures. We saw the feature in his Tamar satchel, and now it’s available in hand-held form in the Elysha clutch.

When I reviewed the Tamar I mentioned that the closure's size and complementary finish gave it a gaudy, overdone appearance. Sadly, the same is true here. I can't help comparing it to the delicate turnlocks we saw on Bulgari's lizard clutch or even Treesje's Mortale clutch. Who would have thought that skull-covered creation could ever be held up as an example of restraint?

It's a shame that the turnlock is so overwhelming, and so poorly executed, because that summery yellow pebbled leather is really quite lovely. It's unfortunate that its supporting players are so distracting.

But it's not just the turnlock. That stitching is also underwhelming. It reminds me of the tacking stitch my mother used to sew to hold things in place, the kind you'd take out later. This stitch has the same kind of temporary feel, giving the impression that the Elysha isn't quite finished.

The exterior is even more disappointing because the interior packs a real organizational wallop. We've come to expect zip pockets and slip pockets, but the Elysha goes above and beyond. A pen pocket and cell phone slip add more functionality than I'd expect for the size.

But no one buys a clutch for what it looks like inside, do they? If practicality's the name of the game, the Elysha might be your dream purse. If you're looking for something functional to hide inside a hot oversized handbag, be my guest. I'll keep searching for something cuter.

More Features of this Elie Tahari Elysha Purse

  • Fully lined interior
  • Measures 12.5 x 1 x 7 inches

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