Effa Designs Python & Crocodile Clutches | Saudi Arabian Couture Designer Debuts Handbag Collection

Posted on: Aug 19

Effa Sunbag Clutch

Saudi Arabian couture designer Effa has expanded her fashion range with the release of a line of exotic clutch purses.

Effa designs with modern, independent women in mind, the kind who love being up to date and in touch with the latest catwalk trends. The Effa Made in Italy clutches reflect the elegance of the label's clientele with their timeless, luxury finishes.

Effa worked with one of Italy's leading family-run factories to ensure the workmanship on the clutch purses is first class.

"When I decided to launch my line of clutch bags, my aim was to create a line of bags that are exclusive and very select high quality, for the customer that appreciates beautiful workmanship, and wants something unique and timeless that she will not see everyone wearing," the designer recently told La Moda.

Each one is made from exotic skins including python and crocodile. The purses' vibrant hues are designed to complement the ensembles in Effa's couture and recently released ready to wear collections. I've fallen for the Sunbag, with its distinctive stitching and unique metallic degrade palette. Which one's captured your heart?

Sadly Effa's only bricks and mortar stores are in Dubai, and only her abayas are available through the online retailer 3abaya. Hopefully this e-store will add those clutch purses soon!

[Source: La Moda]
[Image Source: Effa website]

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