Echo Terry Cloth Hobo | Functional Sports-Wear Tote

Posted on: Feb 16

I may be about to be lampooned for daring to show this terry cloth hobo from Echo on a website dedicated to handbags. And sure, it isn't fashionable, but I am going to stick my neck out and say that this fabric tote may well be useful.

Actually, saying even that feels horrible. After all, this is quite clearly ugly; the painfully unfashionable soft cloth hangs down from boring white rope handles. It really isn't a looker, and if you want something sporty that looks good outside of the gym then you are definitely going to want to search elsewhere, and you can probably find it for less that the $37 this is listed at.

Where this is handy, however, is if you are a swimmer. If you have spent years swimming and training like I have, then you will know that towelling and terry cloth are the very best at absorbing all that excess water in your swimming costume. You have to dry the suit and the bag when you get home, but for function and sportiness this fabric can't be beat. At least it is lined, so once wet stuff is in there it won't leak out, and you can use the cloth to wipe your brow!

More Features of this Echo Terry Hobo

  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Lined interior with pocket
  • Shoulder rope handles
  • Spacious interior

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