Echo Design Batik Leaf Bucket Tote | Reversible Casual Cotton Handbag

Posted on: Dec 16

Echo Batik Leaf ToteYou can wax lyrical about your white Christmases, but this gloomy weather is beginning to grate on me. I can't boost the temperature, but I can fantasize about being somewhere warmer when I'm looking at this Batik Leaf Bucket Tote from Echo.

This tote bag's relaxed shape and bright batik pattern scream summer. It's the sort of bag that begs to be filled with fluffy beach towels, flip flops, and trashy romance novels. Its soft cotton body makes it very expandable, so it can handle all your beach stash and then some more.

I really like this batik print, but I also appreciate it's not our only option. If we begin to tire of it we can simply turn it inside out! In this new mode the tiny diamonds on the handles become the dominant design. It's almost like we're getting two bags in one, which is virtually unheard of at this price.

No one wants to fuss in summer, so I was thrilled to see this tote's machine washable. That easy care quality makes sure we don't miss our favorite leathers too much.

As you can probably guess, no $58 tote will ever be perfect. Its handles aren't quite as sturdy as Echo claims, and the two fabric ties don't really make the tote a lot more secure. We also probably deserve more than the single zippered pocket inside. Even with those little niggles though, this tote represents great value.

More Features of This Echo Reversible Tote

  • Measures 10.5 x 26.5 x 17.5 inches

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