Dooney & Bourke Seersucker Tote | Carefree Patchwork Bucket Bag

Posted on: Jun 29

Sometimes the sweetest designs, that remind us of our childhood days and picking wild flowers in the sun, are the ones that cost us the most. This sweet and childlike bucket bag from Dooney & Bourke will cost you a mighty $1,118 for the privilege of carrying this little slice on sunshine on your arm.

There is something very much like a nursery about this patchwork tote. The soft pastel colors, the cute stripey design, everything is very carefree and fun. However, the idea of buying what is essentially a posh cotton bag for over a thousand dollars does jar somewhat, no matter what the whimsical charm. I simply can't combine the idea of extreme high end luxury with something that looks like your child's blanket.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with Dooney & Bourke's chosen shape. A bucket bag is so useful it is hard to believe, and the idea of having a tote that everything fits in so neatly is almost enough to make me stop whining about the price tag. Almost, but not quite. I do like the meeting of those cheery colors and the practicality, however.

This cotton Seersucker tote is just the thing to cheer up a dull and dreary day.

More Features of this Dooney & Bourke Seersucker Bucket Bag

  • Coated cotton exterior
  • Leather trim throughout
  • Rich red interior with pocket
  • Single adjustable shoulder strap

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