Donna Sharp Savvy Handbag | Subtle Black Velvet Paisley Shoulder Bag

Posted on: Feb 22

Donna Sharp has never struck me as a very subtle brand, but this Savvy Handbag might just make me change my mind. Gone are the colorful prints and feminine accents, replaced by this much subtler design.

From a distance, this looks like any black handbag. The shape's a little more interesting than your standard boxy tote, but it wouldn't raise an eyebrow. But look closer at this Savvy bag and you'll see what made me take a second look.

This handbag is made from lush velvet embossed with a delicate paisley print. The effect is gorgeous, and yes, subtle. I never would have expected to use such a word to describe a Donna Sharp bag, but there you have it.

After seeing the deceptively simple exterior, this cleverly organized interior caught me off guard in the very best way. Donna Sharp goes beyond the standard lining and side pockets formula by offering something much more functional. The medium-sized space is divided into three sections by a large zippered pouch. There's another smaller zip pocket in one side, and there are two slotted pouches and a pen slot in the other.

I love the restraint Donna Sharp has shown here, but the designer hasn't forgotten about her loyal fans. The Savvy is also available in a range of colorful prints and patterns typical of the brand.

More Features of This Donna Sharp Black Velvet Shoulder Bag

  • An outside zippered compartment
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Dual handles
  • Measures 12.75 x 9 x 4.5 inches

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