DKNY Studded Leather Shoulder Bag | Trendy Brown Leather Shoulder Bag With Gold Stud Detail

Posted on: Jul 29

DKNY's designs this season have been extremely inconsistent. Some of its bags have been elegant and affordable, but others have been overstylized and hyper trendy. I'm afraid this studded leather shoulder bag falls into the latter category.

The brown leather material of this bag may be of good quality, but it's really hard to tell after DKNY has piled so much crap on top of it. First of all, the color is a little blah. And secondly, does a bag really need to be both quilted and completely covered in studs? It looks like it was designed to "look cool" by someone who is definitely not cool. Did I mention that it's lined in purple twill?

This bag just has too many details to be beautiful. Not only is the surface of the bag totally overembellished, but the strap is braided, which makes for another incoherent design element. Not only does it confuse the eye even further, but it also seems completely impractical. It's thin and flimsy, and I bet it would dig into your shoulder after an hour of wearing.

There are surely better bags to be had for $425. DKNY, what are you thinking?

More Features Of The DKNY Studded Leather Shoulder Bag

  • 16" x 11" x 7" size
  • 8" handle drop
  • Internal pouch pockets

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