DKNY Quilted Leather Chain Trim Bag | Trendy Brown Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag With Edgy Embellishment

Posted on: May 26

DKNY is known for bringing designer trends to a wider public. It gives us  budget-conscious fashionistas a high quality range of pieces. But sometimes it interprets high fashion trends in ways that don't exactly translate. This quilted leather bag is a good example of a DKNY failure.

This bag is just trying too hard. It's like DKNY looked at all the major trends of the moment and decided to throw them together on one bag. The effect is pretty disappointing. The boho brown leather is nice enough, but it looks weird with all the silver hardware hanging off of it.

And what about all that silver hardware? The thing is literally dripping in chains, and not in a punk rock sort of a way; more like an oh-my-what-were-they-thinking sort of a way. I can just imagine all those looped chains getting tangled up in one another, which takes it down a notch on the practicality scale.

The quilting looks cheap when paired with all these other details. And the color of the bag isn't really rich or sophisticated enough for it. So what is usually a sign of luxury (think Chanel Caviar bags) ends up looking cheesy.

I really don't have anything good to say about this bag, except that the price is decent for a decent quality bag. At $345 for a pretty unsightly bag, though, I'm just not sure who's buying.

More Features Of The DKNY Quilted Leather Chain Trim Bag

  • 13" x 11' x 2" size
  • 21" handle drop
  • Black satin lining

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