DKNY Pocket Bag Large Shopper | Crinkled Leather Shoulder Bag

Posted on: Apr 13

DKNY Pocket Bag Large Shopper

There is a general thought that bags that are covered in pockets are kind of casual. However, DKNY has set out to disprove this, with its chunky Pocket Bag.

It is the leather that really takes this bright red purse out of the casual bracket. After all, the deep blood red color and subtle shine make this just as much about fashion as it is about practicality. In addition, just in case there was any doubt as to its intentions, the brand has even added in a mottled texture to certain elements, upping the perceived luxury.

Of course, the end shape is still one with a very large number of pockets, both subtly blended into the shape and rather randomly plonked on the outside. I'll be honest, I'm not sure the protruding lumps are really offering anything design wise. In addition, are they really ever going to get used?

If you need lots of pockets then this DKNY shopper may be a good choice!

More Features of this DKNY Pocket Bag:

  • Leather exterior
  • Dual handles with 9" drop
  • 4 external pocket

Get this Crinkled Leather Tote:

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