DKNY Crocodile Effect Leather Bag | Questionably Designed Faux Exotic Bag

Posted on: Feb 11

DKNY Crocodile Effect Leather BagEven though I haven't been in the past, I have become kind of a fan of DKNY in recent months. It makes fashionable and affordable accessories for urban fashionistas. But this croc effect bag looks cheap and cheesy, and I am really disappointed by it.

The taupe crocodile embossed leather is the number one problem behind this bag. First of all, the color is totally boring. Granted, I'm not a huge fan of taupe, but I've definitely seen better versions. Secondly, the crocodile effect on the leather is terrible. There's nothing realistic about it, and the high gloss on the bag just brings attention to that.

The shape is also questionable. I can see that the label had an interesting idea going on, but it's just not well executed. The sides look uneven, and if they look uneven now, just wait until the bag is unevenly filled with all your things. The hardware is the best thing about the bag. I love the doorknocker design of the front clasp, but I wish the fold-over flap had a zipper underneath it. The bag is just too big for me to feel safe with its almost completely open top.

At $265, this croc effect bag is affordable, but not particularly good value. I'd skip it if I were you.

More Features Of The DKNY Crocodile Effect Leather Bag

  • Internal zipper and pouch pockets
  • Magnetic fastening
  • Fully lined in dark orange satin

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