Diesel Road 4 Freedom Motive Shoulder Bag | Casual Blue Fabric Everyday Bag

Posted on: Jul 28

Diesel gives us an accessory made for the great outdoors in the Diesel Road 4 Freedom shoulder bag.

This casual bag isn't the kind of purse you'd spot on the High Street, but there's a certain rugged charm to it. It's a bag that's made to do a job rather than prettily adorn your arm, so it has no need for fuss or frippery. Of course Diesel still proudly emblazons it with a logo, but even that is done subtly in a complementary tone.

The Road 4 Freedom's real strength isn't its style but its substance. The fabric is water-resistant and made to last, and those seatbelt-like handles should also go the distance. Inside we find space to spare, and more of Diesel's usual flair with the metallic silver lining. I'd probably have preferred more pockets to stay organized, but I suppose this is a bag more likely to carry large items than dainty girly goods.

At $125 I think this Diesel shoulder bag is a shade more expensive than it should be considering its materials, but if you're looking for a bag your boyfriend will happily carry for you this purse might be it.

More Features of This Diesel Sporty Shoulder Bag

  • Top zip closure
  • An interior zip pocket
  • Dual 20 inch handles with a 7.5 inch drop
  • Measures 15.5 x 13.5 x 1.75 inches

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