Diesel No More Holes Burj | Small Purple Clutch with Cutout Handles

Posted on: Nov 24

Diesel might have started out as an unconventional clothing company, but they have graduated to the vast world of designer bags. Though they still choose not to play by everyone's fashion rules, the handbag designers at the company can hold their heads high as they continually produce funky and fashionable collections.

Diesel's No More Holes line of purses features leather with tiny pinpoint holes throughout the material, making the name an ironic choice. The Burj is a stylish clutch bag with double cutout handles, which reminds me a little of the Nine West Fold 'Em clutch. The silhouette looks modern, yet pleated details lend a little classic style.

You won't want to use this purse for everyday use as it is fairly small and not particularly practical for carrying around. However, it's a good option for sprucing up a casual outfit. You can get the Diesel Burj in dark brown or black, but the royal lilac color is an offbeat option. Even the interior lining defies usual standards with a multi-colored contemporary pattern.

The No More Holes Burj closes with a nicely recessed zipper. You'll find extra storage in the zippered pocket inside of the clutch bag. For the expected Diesel edginess, look for the silver chain bearing the signature logo on the front of the purse.

More Features of the No More Holes Burj

  • Measures 14.75 x 1.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Double cutout handles
  • Recessed zippered closure

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