Devi Kroell Wooden Clutch | Swarovski Crystal Studded Evening Purse

Posted on: Apr 24

Devi Kroell Wood ClutchDevi Kroell abandons the exotic skins she's so fond of for this fun wooden clutch purse.

I'm always a little nervous when designers deviate from their signature looks, and some may say my concerns are justified here. This is a polarizing purse, but I've fallen for its retro charms. The chunky blue-green Swarovski gems are brash and bold, and they help to liven up the clutch's pale wooden body. That's been sanded and smoothed to ensure the purse will feel heavenly in the palm of your hand.

This purse has some serious limitations though. While it's not especially small, its structured wooden body means that overstuffing it is out. It's also really narrow, so you'll need to pack it carefully to even get the essentials inside. And there's no shoulder strap either, so we’re stuck carrying it all night. Something tells me we won't be so enamored by the feel of the wood by the end of the night.

And it's those limitations that make the price tag seem even more unreasonable. I might not might spending $1390 on a clutch that's as practical as it is pretty, but when its functionality falls short I'll always hesitate.

More Features of This Devi Kroell Crystal Clutch

  • Lined with silk
  • Measures 7 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Made in Italy

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