Devi Kroell for Target Gold Clutch | Affordable Designer Faux Snakeskin Purse

Posted on: Jan 5

Devi Kroell's for Target line encouraged us to get our hands on a designer purse for less. They quickly sold out in stores, but you can still nab one of these beautiful bargains on eBay.

One of my favorite is the oh-so-glam gold clutch. With a retail value of a mere $30, you might guess that the finish is faux snakeskin. But no one else will! This golden scaly fabric is so convincing, not even your closest friends will realize it’s not the genuine article.

This luxurious looking body is offset by a stunning jeweled clasp. Again, $30 doesn’t buy diamonds but the glittering rhinestones are almost as much fun. There isn’t a lot of space to spare inside, but the zippered pocket does help you keep the items you can carry organized.

The shoulder strap is so thin that I know it won’t feel good on your shoulder. This purse plus a strapless dress is a recipe for disaster. Tuck it away and carry this clutch in your hand unless you want tell-tale red marks on your shoulder!

More Features of This Devi Kroell for Target Bag

  • Beige satin lined interior
  • Measures 9 x 3.75 inches

Devi Kroell Python Purses on eBay

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