Dan W Jeweled Leopard Mini Frame Clutch | Orange Gemstone Studded Animal Print Purse

Posted on: Dec 14

Dan W Jeweled Leopard ClutchDan W takes things a step too far with this Jeweled Leopard Mini Frame Clutch.

At its heart this is a classic leopard print purse, with a traditional frame and kisslock clasp. The orange body is complemented by a smattering of faceted plastic gems. I suppose these stones were intended to set this purse apart from all the other animal print clutches on the market. But in trying to separate it from the pack, Dan W's simply made it gaudy.

At least we're not assaulted by its ostentation. This clutch is very small, so it won't dominate your outfit. This is always a plus when a purse is so showy. However those petite dimensions also limit the items we can carry inside it.

For me the strongest aspect of this purse is the hand-strap on the back. It's an unusual alternative to a shoulder strap or wrist loop, and one I can really get behind. I just wish it was used on another clutch! Even at a bargain $28, this purse just isn't for me.

More Features of This Dan W Mini Frame Clutch

  • Made of microfiber
  • Nickel frame and hardware
  • Satin lined interior
  • Measures 5 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches

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