Coloriffics Satin Evening Bag with Feather Accents | Affordable Gemstone Decorated Feathery Purse

Posted on: Apr 22

Coloriffics Feather PurseFeathers are one of those curious accents. They're a pretty cheap commodity, yet whenever they're attached to an evening purse it seems to send the price sky high. Coloriffics bucks the trend with this stylish satin evening bag.

The feathers are just as lovely as any I've seen on a Christian Louboutin or Maison Martin Margiela purse. I just wish they were allowed to speak for themselves. Instead Coloriffics has plonked a gaudy collection of gemstones on top. If you love bling you'll appreciate these faceted jewels, but I think this design would have been much stronger without them.

While we're talking about tackiness, I'm also not a fan of the chain strap. I appreciate it on a practical level, but did those links have to be so large? Something more delicate would have been much more befitting such an elegant evening bag.

This Coloriffics purse is available in a choice of white or ivory. I'm not sure it's intentional but I can't help thinking about the movie Black Swan when taking in the color choices. The white one is innocent and graceful, while the ivory version is darker and more sensual. And at just $43.95, they're affordable enough for us to indulge in purses to reflect both sides of our personality!

More Features of This Coloriffics Satin Evening Bag

  • Clasp closure
  • A silvery frame
  • A 19 inch chain shoulder strap
  • Measures 0.5 x 8 x 4.5 inches

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