Coloriffics Pleated Strip Wristlet | Ruched Silver Synthetic Purse

Posted on: Apr 19

Coloriffics Pleated Strip WristletColoriffics ups the glam factor with this Pleated Strip Wristlet.

This shiny purse is a real change of pace for the label. Usually it serves up white fabric purses ready for dying, but here it takes away that choice and delivers glitzy silver synthetic. While some of those plain white purses were a little pedestrian for my tastes, I'm not completely sold on this radical departure. The shiny silver color will turn heads, but the stares may not be admiring ones. We don't expect a bag costing just $35 to appear luxurious, but the metallic hue really cheapens it.

This wristlet's redeeming qualities don’t stop at its affordable bottom line though. I really like the way the pleats add drama to its simple square shape. The tiny rhinestones running down the center also add an alluring sparkle. They lose a little of their impact against the silver backdrop, but it's nice to see something subtle about this bag!

There are certainly better evening bags on the market, but most of them will cost you far more than this Coloriffics wristlet. For the money you'll struggle to find better value.

More Features of This Coloriffics Ruched Wristlet

  • Fully lined interior
  • Zip top closure
  • A single wrist loop
  • Measures 1.5 x 5 x 7 inches

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