Coach Julia Minimalist Tote | Pebble Leather Perry Shoulder Bag

Posted on: Oct 4

Coach Julia Pebble Leather Perry Shopper Shoulder Bag Coach has produced a sophisticated and stylish bag with the release of the Julia shoulder bag.

Rather than decorate this handbag in its typical mishmash of colors, Coach has in this instance decided to keep it far more subtle. Consequently this handbag focuses more on a mix of soft textured and patterns. We have the gorgeous pebbled leather, and added to that we have a clean embossed logo, which is utterly classy.

The off-white color of this shopper, whilst contributing to the minimalist feel, may be a little annoying for people whose tote bags tend to be used and abused. After all, dirt will show up like flares on the cool mottled surface, and that means it will need more cleaning that other, darker handbags.

If you aren't adverse to a little bit of fashion maintenance, however, this is Julia tote bag may be textural and stylish enough to make you want it!

More Features of this Pebble Leather Coach Tote

  • Multiple interior spaces and pockets
  • Cream colored leather exterior
  • Zip closure
  • Signature fabric lining

Get this Minimalist Off-White Shopper:

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