Clare Vivier & Melissa Coker Design Reversible Tote | Wren Designer & Clutch Queen Create Star Bag

Posted on: Apr 1

Wren Clare Vivie Reversible ToteClutch queen Clare Vivier has teamed up with Wren head Melissa Coker to create a striking reversible tote bag.

Clare Vivier and Melissa Coker have created several capsule collections and limited edition items together over the past few years, and its seems their enthusiasm for collaborating hasn't wavered.

"It was fun to work together again. Melissa's celestial print is so pretty, I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I'm happy we were able to make it work as a bag," Vivier told Refinery29.

The new totes are crafted from Wren's production remnants, so they're as eco-friendly as they are luxurious. Each one features a vegetable-tanned matte leather side and a more unusual celestial printed one. Actress Allison Miller's chosen the head-turning starry side for the advertising campaign, a smart move as the plain underside is a bit boring. However I'm sure the conservative look will get plenty of use when you're wearing your busiest outfits!

Clare Vivier and Melissa Coker passed over established photographers for Jeana Sohn, the founder of fashion blog Closet Visit. I think the risk has paid off though. While the ad is very simple, it also has an organic quality which stands out amongst glossier commercials.

In your choice of cognac or hunter green leather, the limited edition totes are available for $350 from both Wren and Clare Vivier's websites. That's a little expensive for a fairly simply designed tote, but when you consider you're getting two looks for the price of one it becomes more reasonable.

[Source: Lucky Mag]

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