Christian Louboutin Mini Sweet Charity Calf Hair Bag | Quirky Petite Update On Classic Purse

Posted on: Jun 6

Christian Louboutin Mini Sweet Charity Calf Hair Bag

The Sweet Charity line is one of Louboutin's most popular. It's no wonder why, either, because all the bags in it are classic and beautiful. I'm glad to see, though, that Louboutin is taking a few more risks in terms of materials. The result is a beautifully irreverent design.

Calf hair is always my favorite choice for animal prints. It lends an air of authenticity, not to mention texture, to the print. The black and gray leopard spots on the Sweet Charity are bold, but still versatile.

I am absolutely smitten with the combination of materials on this bag. The contrasting leather straps converge on the front flap at the multi-dimensional closure. The silver metal mesh bow with studded brown leather detail is pure genius. It may look a little unwieldy, as far as fastenings go, but it actually conceals a perfectly reasonable magnetic closure.

At $1,095, the Sweet Charity is pricey, particularly for its small size. But it has an amazing look that will stay amazing for seasons to come.

More Features Of The Christian Louboutin Mini Sweet Charity Calf Hair Bag

  • 6" x 4" x 2" size
  • 23" strap drop
  • Lined in signature red twill

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