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Posted on: Dec 10

Christian Dior Granville BagChristian Dior seems to have taken inspiration from a chef's hat when creating this Granville shoulder bag.

I apologize for making that comparison, I really do. I know that once the image is in your mind it's very hard to shake. But for the purposes of giving this bag a fair, non-food related review, I'll do my best. The Granville's shape is interesting. The gently pleated top is soft and voluminous, while its body is smoother and decorated with an elegant geometric design. I appreciate the contrasting movements on an intellectual level, but I'm still not sure about the execution.

Inside the Granville is just as lovely as we'd expect it to be. Christian Dior never skimps, and it's a pleasure to enjoy the leather lining and reinforced pockets. It's mid-sized, which these days is beginning to feel small, but it should hold everything you need it to.

If the chef hat styling hasn't turned you off the price might. At $2700 it feels like we're paying for the name attached rather than the purse itself. Christian Dior has done better, and that's what I'd be spending my money on.

More Features of This Christian Dior Leather Shoulder Bag

  • Polished silver-toned hardware
  • Inset magnetic snap tab closures
  • Four metal feet at the base
  • Dual sliding chain link handles with a 9 inch drop
  • Measures 14 x 9.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Made in Italy
  • Also available in black

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