Chocolate Larkspur Rose Tote | Spacious Folded Origami Hold-all

Posted on: Sep 14

If you are looking for a classic look with a modern origami handbag twist, Chocolate may have produced a pretty and surprisingly affordable option.

This folded tote isn't cheap as chips, but it only costs $131 and looks pretty high end. The fashionable origami shape is a particular favorite of mine, and tends to look similar whether you pay $100 or $1000! The colors too, muted tones perfect for the cool winter days, are classy and mature. If you want a spacious tote that will suit the evenings, why not try the gunmetal shade?

The handles are a little short for such a chunky hold-all, meaning that it will be a little uncomfortable when fully loaded. It should still hold some weight, but this tote by Chocolate won't be the most elegant bag around when full, unless you use the less than sexy long handle.

Inside the brown lining is sophisticated, yet somehow ugly. This pleated handbag will look great for a good few seasons to come, as long as no-one looks inside!

More Features of this Chocolate Larkspur Tote

  • Optional long handle
  • Pleated detailing
  • Synthetic leather
  • Rolled handles

Get this Pleated Origami Purse:

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