Chloé Sally Calf Leather Shoulder Bag | Supple Purple Leather Envelope Bag For Day Or Night

Posted on: Apr 17

Chloe's fall accessory line was a little ho-hum for me, or rather it was little hit or miss. Their spring offerings are a little more to my liking, a little more thoughtful and refined.

Point in case is the Sally calf leather shoulder bag. First of all, the muted purple hue is simultaneously timeless and also very of-the-moment. I don't know about you, but I've been seeing purple everywhere, and I can't get enough of it. It is after all, about as close to black as any color can be. Which is all to say that, as a color, it is pretty neutral and will go well with many others.

I adore the envelope shape, and love it more because while it looks flat from the front, it is actually 6" deep. Combined with its other measurements, 15" x 11", it's quite a sizable shoulder bag. And it solves the problem I usually see with chain straps on large bags by padding the handle with leather exactly where it will sit on your shoulder.

The gold frame and hardware of the bag perfectly accents the soft, rich color, and the clasp is both practical and totally gorgeous. There are feet on the base of the bag, to keep it protected from scrapes and scratches. Chloe really has thought of everything this time.

At under $2000, the Sally is priced well within reason for a designer bag that will last a lifetime, although the economy being what it is, more and more of us are looking a price tag like this for a long time without the word "reasonable" popping into our heads.

More Features Of The Sally Calf Leather Shoulder Bag By Chloe

  • Interior zip pocket
  • Double flap opening
  • Fabric-lined interior

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