Chinese Laundry Origami Hobo | Knot Shaped Paper Art Tote

Posted on: Aug 6

Origami has been one of the most enjoyable trends sweeping fashion circles this year. From beautifully executed folded dresses through to paper jewellery, this Japanese paper art has hit all aspects of fashion face on. New technology means that origami style doesn't have to be made from paper, as this wonderfully structured hobo from Chinese Laundry has set out to prove.

The Chinese Laundry brand may not be very well known, but the art and design of this great looking origami tote show that they are definitely a company to watch!

It is rare to see such a conceptually unusual bag for less that $100 - and whilst the materials may not be top quality, this really is one of the best looking bargain handbags on the market. Available in a few bright shades, the clean lines and elegant structure only really work in pure gray or bone, when you can see the wonderful shadows the folds cast.

For such a large bag, this knotted hobo has very small handles. This is fine if you only want to have it purely for looks, but do bear this in mind when considering practicality.

An unusual and aesthetically wonderful bag, that hits the origami clothing trend perfectly!

More Features of this Chinese Laundry Origami Hobo

  • Available in blue, pink, bone or gray
  • Folded origami design
  • Studded handle detail
  • Spacious design

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