Chinese Laundry Le Opera Large Python Hobo | Printed PVC Fabric Handbag

Posted on: Apr 18

Chinese Laundry Le Opera HoboChinese Laundry calls this hobo Le Opera, but there's nothing high class about this python printed purse.

The smoky gray snake print doesn't do a bad impersonation of the genuine article, but it gets obscured by all those pockets. They serve a practical purpose of course, but at the expense of the exotic veneer.

The use of PVC is another thing that lets the bag down. It looks and feels cheap, and while the $95 price tag isn't exactly high end it's also not really what I consider cheap and cheerful. The shoulder strap also isn't my favorite. I suppose the braiding was meant to add interest, but when the leather is already patterned with snake scales it seems excessive. I'm also pretty sure the braided surface won't be kind to shoulders.

At least the Le Opera is well designed though. We're not left wanting for anything really. The interior has plenty of space, and a large zippered pocket to divide the interior into three. A pair of gadget pockets and a zippered pouch offer space for storing small items, and don't forget those extra pockets on the outside.

I wouldn't carry it to the opera, but on busy days all the features of Le Opera would prove invaluable.

More Features of This Chinese Laundry Python Print Hobo

  • Zip top closure
  • Golden hardware
  • Nylon lining
  • Measures 15 x 13 x 5 inches

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