Chinese Laundry Braid Clutch | Budget White Synthetic Pleated Purse

Posted on: Dec 9

Chinese Laundry Braid ClutchChinese Laundry proves cheap and cheerful doesn't have to come without charm with this Braid Clutch.

Admittedly this is one of those purses that looks just as cheap as its price tag. Its synthetic body is stiff, so its pleats fall awkwardly. It's also got that tacky sheen we find in too many inferior man-made materials. But it does have some lovely elements.

The braiding which borders the curved flap really is beautiful. I also appreciate the overall design, which is simple enough to work during the day or on a casual evening out. The generous dimensions also assist us there. Most of us should be able to carry everything we need, and perhaps even a few items we don't. I wouldn't go nuts though as there's no shoulder strap to help us out.

We do get a selection of interior pockets though, which is an unexpected blessing. The pair of slip pockets and zippered pouch is equal to most tote bags, so there's no excuse for clutter.

And for a mere $17.99, I can hardly be too critical of the material. At least it's easy to keep clean, which is a real plus for a white purse. I'd probably save my pennies for something that looks a bit more luxe, but if you're on a tighter budget you'll enjoy a bargain here.

More Features of This Chinese Laundry Synthetic Clutch

  • Clasp top closure
  • Pink fabric lining
  • Measures 15 x 6 x 3 inches

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