Chanel’s Expensive Shell Clutch | Luxurious Pearl Covered Evenining Purse

Posted on: May 4

Chanel Shell BagChanel is encouraging us to splurge on our moms with its new Shell Clutch, which is in stores just in time for Mothers' Day. The shell minaudieres first made their appearance at Chanel's spring 2012 fashion show in Paris, and now they're on sale to cashed up members of the public.

There's a "budget" pearlized resin version which retails for $33, 000, but if you want the opulent one pictured you'll need shell out a cool $48, 000. That exorbitant amount ensures your minaudiere is studded with natural freshwater pearls in soft multicolored hues. There's no denying that it looks pretty, but is it really better than indulging in six typical Birkins?

I can imagine that Disney's mermaid Ariel would look perfect carrying this purse, and perhaps as her father is marine royalty she could actually afford it! I think it'd also work well for beach weddings, but it's still a little gimmicky for my taste, and a lot too expensive. As it's so large there's just no escaping that feeling that you're carrying a giant shell!

If you're looking for value for money, I'd indulge in the pearl covered version. At least you're getting pearls. No bag made from resin should ever cost $33, 000!

What do you think of the latest ultra-luxurious addition to the Chanel line?

[Source: Refinery29]

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