Carla Mancini Grace Tote | Woven Crocodile Textured Luxury Bag

Posted on: Mar 22

Carla Mancini Grace ToteIntricate leather work and some exotic textures make this Carla Mancini tote a truly luxurious option.

Carla Mancini rarely does things by halves. Woven leather work is always gorgeous, but it is as if she has stood back from her creation and asked what else she could have to make it look really posh? The answer? Well a crocodile print leather of course. You should never have one without the other!

OK, so I jest. Yet even so, there is a lot going on in the Grace purse. Were there more than one color it would be terribly over-the-top, but thankfully the monochrome tan leather means it all blends together and somehow manages to work. As such, the leopard print version goes over the top, meaning woven leather beats hair-calf hands down in my book.

Once we get past that sumptuously soft exterior we reach a purse that is surprisingly spacious. With exterior and interior pockets and the option of a long strap to convert it into a satchel, there isn't really much to complain about other than the $600 price tag!

More Features of this Carla Mancini Grace Satchel

  • Woven leather exterior
  • Optional long shoulder strap
  • 2 exterior pockets and one interior pocket
  • Classy fabric lining

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