Carla Mancini Audrey Tote | Unusual Brown and Gray Fringe Bag

Posted on: Jul 2

Whilst fringes can feel kind of fashion forward, I find that often the rows of tassels look somewhat identical. It is nice, therefore, to find a classy leather tote that actually manages to produce something unusual.

The first dose of unusual is the combination of black (well, technically gray!) and brown. For years people have hated this combo, although I have never particularly minded it, and it is pretty creative to dare to put these colors together. In response to the designer's bravery, I think the lighter brown handles actually work well as a subtle contrast against the deeper shade.

The tote shape may be fairly predictable, but I think we can all agree that the fringe layout of the Audrey tote is not. In fact, it is arranged vertically rather than horizontally, and that is enough of a  re-jig to make it look totally different. The country and western theme is also replaced with a boho vibe when the fringes are arranged like this, and personally I like the effect.

For many it may be a little decorative and over the top, but I feel the Carla Mancini Audrey bag is one of the most creative options on the tote bag market.

More Features of this Carla Mancini Audrey Tote

  • Authentic tasseled leather exterior
  • Braided brown leather handles
  • Brown fabric interior with pocket
  • Whip stitched exterior detailing

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