Calvin Klein Rain Hobo | Textured Patent Synthetic Persimmon Purse

Posted on: May 14

Calvin Klein reinvigorates the hobo bag with this glossy patent Rain.

While most hobos have a relaxed bohemian style, this one begs for attention with its vivid colors and rich, glossy texture. This is a fabric that looks good, so good that you'd swear it was leather. At $148 it probably should be genuine patent, but at least Calvin Klein has opted for a high-quality synthetic. The only tell-tale sign is the slouchiness around the top; the fabric falls much more harshly than real leather might.

While we don't get real leather we do get a lovely textured fabric. The horizontal grain of the material is what gives the bag its weather-inspired name, as it appears much like a summer shower. A subtle nameplate boasts the Calvin Klein name without detracting from the design.

I'm not sure the chain strap works as well though; it doesn't quite match the Rain's retro vibe. I am grateful for the soft synthetic center though, as an all-chain strap would have proved a bit painful to carry by day's end.

This is an enormous hobo, and its pockets probably don't go far enough to help us stay organized. A zip pocket and a couple of open slips are standard features, but the Rain's dimensions are far from ordinary. I may long for a few more pockets and pouches, but their omission is no deal breaker.

At $148 Calvin Klein has created a hobo that's both sophisticated and fun. That's a rare beast, which helps to justify its slightly too expensive price tag.

More Features of This Calvin Klein Patent Hobo

  • A single shoulder strap with an 11 inch drop
  • Measures 18 x 14 x 4 inches
  • Made in China

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