Bruno Rossi Luxury Bright Shoulder Bag | Italian Leather Hobo in 6 Colors

Posted on: Jun 11

Bruno Rossi is a slightly anonymous designer in the hugely competitive world of handbags. His range, however, does deserve some recognition. In bright primary colors featuring his signature rainbow trim, these are bold and stylish additions to the market.

This particular bag, a spacious and decadent hobo, it just the thing to keep you feeling the summer vibe even if it rains. My personal favorite is the bold bright yellow shade, but if yellow isn't your thing then you can choose from blue, black, red, purple or lilac instead. That is a huge amount of flexibility for a luxury bag.

This is a huge oversized tote, measuring 17" wide! It's great to help you carry everything including the kitchen sink, but do bear in mind that the brilliantly coordinated handles only have a drop of 7 inches. This could be tough to carry comfortably when full.

Niggles aside, I am impressed with this bag. I am even more impressed with the fact that each bag is made to order, which is just the thing if you're a luxury gal who likes unique items. From the signature lining to the gunmetal hardware, this is definitely a range to look out for.

More Features of this Bruno Rossi Hobo

  • 3 compartments, 3 pockets
  • Exterior pocket
  • Signature lining
  • Colored Italian leather

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